Really cool aviator sunglasses by Randolph Engineering.

Randolph Engineering – Intruder


Randolph Engineering Intruder. Made in the USA using the finest components. Lifetime warranty solder joints. Mineral crown glass lenses. Adjustable silicon nosepads for customized fit. Case, microfiber cleaning cloth and small maintenance kit is included with your purchase.

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Introduced in the 1980’s, these aviation style sunglasses get their name from the A-6 Intruder, a twin jet-engine, mid-wing attack aircraft. Made in the USA.



Color Options:

Matte Black, 23k Gold Plated.





Randolph Engineering frames come in a variety of sizes. These sizes can refer to the length of the temple piece that goes back behind your ear, as well as the distance across the front of the frame. While sizing certainly matters, we also feel like the numbers presented don’t give an individual very much helpful information. The same way shoe sizes vary across brands and different styles of shoe, the same can be said for frame sizing. When looking at the numbers associated with Randolph Engineering frames, we suggest understanding the numbers in relation to each other, signifying “small”, “medium”, “large” etc., rather than pay attention to the numbers themselves


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